Securing the future

Mounik Lahiri

The most pressing challenge for public policy is to manage the twin imperatives of sustaining economic growth and guaranteeing food security to vast proportions of the population that are afflicted by chronic poverty and are therefore become increasingly vulnerable to food inflation that is becoming a constant challenge to policy makers and governments in the developing world. In the context of developing countries, especially India, huge proportion of households are afflicted by chronic poverty due to rapid food inflation, despite relative income growths. They also find it difficult to access other minimum developmental imperatives that constitute the Human Development Index, since they spend a sizeable amount of their monthly budgets on food.

It is acknowledged by governments and international organisations that food security needs to be guaranteed if poverty needs to be eradicated by public policies that can make use of different policy instruments like social protection programmes, programmes to improve agricultural productivity, rural development, and most importantly massive investments in the creation of human capital to tackle and subsequently eradicate poverty.

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